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Doodle : shoo Fly

2009-08-13 05:26:40 by RobertFord

Hey all, just wanted to infrom u taht doodle: shoo Fly is out...check it, its a real hoot!

Doodle : shoo Fly

New Cafe Bolet

2009-06-14 20:39:49 by RobertFord

Hello all who actually read this...
i am remaking the cafe bolet before i take it to the international thespian festival and before i release it on here. below is a picture showing the difference.

New Cafe Bolet

So I recently submitted my second flash cartoon in the Maryland state festival and won awards, which will now enable me to submit it to an international contest for scholarships. As soon as i find out if I can release it to the public before the contest I will let yall's see it.

Downtown today at the Cafe Bolet

Different Ties- "The Game"

2008-06-16 11:07:31 by RobertFord

Well, I finished my first flash. I was satisfied for a few days but then realized there was so much more things i could do! so I recorded voices from the kids at my school and wrote a script. I started working on this new cartoon two days ago and am really pumped about it. This cartoon with have sound and color and the animations should run a bit smoother.

1st Cartoon!

2008-06-03 19:02:15 by RobertFord

I started my first cartoon a couple months ago. I don't plan this cartoon to be anything other than a test run so don't expect anything great. The cartoon is pretty much me and my friends playing base ball and just hanging out. I am planning on making it a series but am stuck for a name. I can't decide between "Differant Ties" (the name of my dad's recent CD) or Happy Medium.